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Category : [Tokyo Weeds Catalog]
Posted by snotch at July 27, 2003 6:02 PM

タケニグサ (Plume poppy)タケニグサ (Plume poppy)

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和名タケニグサ学名Macleaya cordata


Along roadsides and on a vacant lot, Plume poppy (Japanese calls "takenigusa") grows higher than the rest. Because of its deeply-lobated leaf between 20cm and 30cm in diameter and its white culm and under side of leaf as if be covered by face powder, it is prominent on a vacant lot. From July to August, it is much more prominant for masses of white flower growing panicles at the top of plant.

The flower of Plume poppy consist of androecium and a single pistil, and has well sophisticated appearance. Two pieces of white calyxes in its bud stage drop at flowering time, then after the bloom only a pistil and stamens are left without petal. This flower's life is for a single day.

I heared that Plume poppy which has a wild body and blooms sophisticated flowers is popular as ornamental jaundice root in Europe and the United States. In Japan, the position of weeds is given to "takenigusa", however is this second-sight impressive?



I'm french.From Senlis near Paris. Could you tranlate for me this post. I would want to know more about this japanese plant, Macleaya cordata.


for the translation.